RESPRO™ (Result Processor)

Computing results has been found to be stressful on the part of the teachers and school management. It has to be delivered on time and accurately. Many schools have a way of working around these difficulties like creating a semi-automated system using varying combinations of Microsoft Excel for result computation and Microsoft Word for presentation or going by the typical manual computation but none of these solutions perfectly eliminate the challenges associated with result processing.

RESPRO™ however is an automated, instant result processing and result management tool, built for schools and colleges to enhance seamless, efficient and effective result management process.


  • RESPRO™ is a secure automated reporting system for computing result that is customized for your school with dynamic configuration and grading system that empowers the system administrator to effect settings that conforms to what obtains in the school, which is applied automatically.
  • It makes computing result easy, fast and stress free with a user friendly interface.
  • It is independent; operated solely by your school and not by us.
  • It has a multilevel user account system, with each user allowed a limited privilege as assigned by the system admin. The three categories of users include: Subject Teachers, Class Teachers and System Admin.
  • RESPRO™ does not require internet connectivity and automatically saves all results in an archive within the server machine at the close of every session. These results can always be referred to anytime in the future simply by a click.
  • The generated results can be printed or converted to PDF format for upload onto client site.
  • RESPRO™ creates room for checks and balances as all results must go through an approval process by the System administrator, before they can either be printed or uploaded.

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RESPRO™ is highly affordable and the package includes free technical assistance for one year; T&C apply.

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