XAMINA™ is a Computer Based Test software built for schools and colleges with the following features:

  • It has multilevel user account system, with each user allowed a limited privilege as assigned by the system admin. The three categories of users include: System Admin, Subject Teachers and students.
  • The subject teachers set questions for the subjects.
  • With XAMINA™ teachers can set various tests from a pool of questions.
  • It allows teachers to group questions according to their topics.
  • XAMINA™ provides optional calculator for students.
  • It has provision of adding figures to questions
  • It accommodates different forms of questions, it has provision of adding passages to questions. This comes handy for questions that are to be answered based on comprehension passage(s). The passage can be a formatted text.
  • It has an option of synchronizing with RESPRO™ for schools that have it installed. This feature eliminates the need for teachers to mark and enter students' scores manually.
  • XAMINA™ updates each student's result automatically as the student completes tests or exams.